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It's great industry and we can provide a wide variety of loan options with terms ranging from 7 months to 2 years.

Products available for Restaurants, Cafés, Bars and fast food include MCA, Credit Card Split, Franchise Loans, and Term Loans. All these will require a simple Business Application, 4 Months of Bank Statements and merchant accounts for an attractive offer within 48 hours.


The Medical Industry is one of the preferred industries as well.

Our terms can go as high as 24 months up to $500,000.00. Doctors, Surgeons, Chiropractors and Clinic Owners will get the best of our terms and rates to enlarge their offices, open new clinics, renovate their buildings, buy the newest equipment, or increase their clientele through marketing. Doctors come to us believing their private information will be in good hands. We could do soft pull if possible in this industry.


Logistics and Transportation are easy to approve based on volume, time in business and credit rating.

Home based could be okay for some of our partners and investors. We require an application, and 3 months of the most recent bank statements to issue an offer.


The Dental Industry has become one of underwriters’ favorites and easiest to get approved.

Dentists from coast to coast are eligible for financing at very low rates and the most flexible terms available in financing. These terms can go as long as 2 years allowing to repay daily and weekly, depending on income volume and credit worthiness.


The Automotive Industry has become popular for underwriters.

Not all lenders are in love with this industry but we at OWF, know how to put the best offer for Auto Shops, Auto Repairs, Auto Glass, Auto Conditioning, Auto Body and more. There is no need to apply somewhere else to damage your credit with awful loans and short terms. Visit our website and apply online, chances are you will be funded within 48 hours of applying at OWF.


We have Investors who love to lend capital to construction companies.

We have done very well with businesses in the ‘Construction Industry’.

Contractors and Electricians perform very well in regards to terms and rates. Our investors and partners will take a look at AR/AP to lend great rates. We understand this industry and its challenges therefore, contractors from coast to coast prefer us for better financing.

Other Industries

Industries We Fund

- Automotive Stores
– Bars
– Book Stores
– Branded or New Car Dealerships
– Casinos
– Chiropractors
– Clothing Stores
– Coffee Shops
– Convenience Stores
Dental Offices
– Education / Daycare
– Electricians
– Employment Agencies
– Equipment Rental
– Fast Food Restaurants
– Flower shops
– Franchise Funding
– Gas Stations
– Gift Stores
– Light Manufacturers
Medical Clinics
– Moving/Storage
– Networking/Marketing
– Pet Stores
– Plumbing / Maintenance
– Real Estate Development
– Retail
– Salons
– Solar Companies
– Spas
– Tire Shops
– Trucking / Logistics
– Veterinaries – Wholesalers

Term Loans

This is a popular option to most business owners.

A term loan is a loan repaid in regular payments over a set period of time. Term loans involves a fixed interest rate that has origination fees.

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